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Music, videos, and travel: Around the world in 80 music videos

Diana Boccara and Leo Longo are taking travel with a Canon 5d camera to the next level with their international project, Around The World in 80 Music Videos. Via YouTube, the couple are documenting their world travels through a series of music videos. In each place they visit, a video is filmed with a local act. 46 music videos and accompanying ‘behind the scenes’ trailers are published on their channel as of March 18.

The project is fueled by a relentless desire to pursue two passions: travel and music. The concept for the around the world voyage was born following a road trip the two took here in the states, from Nashville to New Orleans. Both have a background in television, having worked at a station in Brazil. Leo’s specialty is directing while Dianna is a producer. “It was a very musical trip,” Diana said. “When we went back to Brazil, we had the desire to keep travelling and doing something with music.”

Music videos seemed the perfect plan- combining their skills behind a camera and computer with a love of travel and music. Plus, it would give them the opportunity to help out well deserving musicians. No money is involved on either side. “We wanted to do something that would not involve money,” Diana said. “Something that everyone could participate in.” With music videos, “it would be collaborated. That’s where you can create whatever you want and do it (with) filmmakers and musicians together.”

Filming, editing, producing one music video per week is not an easy task, especially when constantly travelling. Sponsors were hard to come by at first. The pair started out financing everything themselves and continues to do so for the most part. “We took all our savings and sold everything that we had in Brazil,” Diana said. “When we started, then the companies started to look at us say ‘That’s a pretty cool project, we want to be a part of it!’” They have worked with brands like Airbnb, Smirnoff, and other household names at this point, but still finance 70% out of pocket with their savings.

Equally, DIY is Leo and Diana’s approach to picking bands. For each spot they are going to, Leo researches local music and who is killing it with online promotion. They also have to like the music, of course. “The ones that we identify with, we invite,” Diana said. “We are trying to show people that there is good music all around the world.”

“The relationship with the bands is always based on truth, based on trust,” said Leo. “Working with them is the best part of the project.’” Their favorite places to shoot have been Melbourne, Australia and all of Ireland.

View the full catalogue here.

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