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Thoughts from Georgetown: Dave Tilley's fundraising event, 12/15/2015

I barely know the guy. He has poured me a good amount of drinks over the past five years at Loveland's Rathskellar Bar, but Dave Tilley is not someone I am close to personally. He wouldn't recognize me at all. But on opening day at Loveland this year, my first thought upon walking into the bar was 'Where's Dave?'

Turned out he was in a mountain biking accident over the summer and has been in a wheelchair, possibly paralyzed. Lucha Cantina in Georgetown hosted a fundraiser for him tonight, following an epic 10 inch powder day on the mountain. I was there along with my buddies Jeff and Brandon to support the cause. It was packed.

Seeing the Loveland community (and beyond) come together to support one of their own was something special. Hopefully things work out for Dave, sipping a Dave's Drifter just isn't the same when he isn't the one pouring it.

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