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How to grow your band:

Everything you need to know in one place

I spent over a decade playing in gigging bands. Along the way, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, from overbooking a market to not taking the time to learn the best way to promote my band.


Then I got a job as the editor of a music magazine, and another as a talent buyer at a long-running venue in Denver. I saw the industry from the other side and learned what venues, media, managers, and other industry pros want to see from bands.


In my book So, You Have A Band, I discuss everything a young musician needs to know to grow a band. You’ll learn how to present yourself professionally to media and venues. How to form an LLC or S-Corp. How to draft a band agreement. How to book your first DIY tour, social media presence for bands, and much more.


For the amateur or aspiring musician, So, You Have a Band is a must-have resource for building your music career as an entrepreneurial business and setting out on the path to success.


So, you have a band?

How to book shows and present yourself professionally

Approaching and dealing with blogs and the media

Social media presence

Where to play

DIY touring

Approaching a booking agent or manager, and should you register with a Performance Rights Organization?

Your image and why you need to consistently release music

Copyrighting and music licensing

Problems within the band

Final thoughts


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Nick Bosch 


Tim is phenomenal. He brings a perspective from the music industry that can be applied to any other industry. The brand building of an individual or a band is very focused, very sharp, and he takes that lens and applies (it) in ways that are often forgotten.

Tim is like a prodigy.

I got all the guys in our band to read this book, and it helped us get on track with the back-of-house stuff. Tim basically told us exactly what we needed to do, and the operation of the group is much smoother now.

Keith Schneider 

 Publisher, Colorado Music Buzz 

Tommy Valdez 

Vocals & Guitar,

Through the Plains

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