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How to grow your band: Everything you need to know in one place

Tim Wenger spent the past decade playing in gigging bands. He's also worked as the editor of an in-print music magazine and talent buyer at a long-running venue in Denver. Needless to say, he's learned a thing or two about the industry and how to give your group its best shot at long-term success. In his new book So, You Have A Band, Tim discusses everything a young musician needs to know to grow a band- from presenting yourself professionally to media and venues, forming an LLC or S-Corp, drafting an inter-band agreement, putting together your first DIY tour, and much more. For the amateur or aspiring musician, So, You Have a Band is a must-have resource for building your music career as an entrepreneurial business and setting out on the path to success.


The book is available in two formats:


eBook/Kindle format via Amazon


Paperback version via

Barnes and Noble

For a PDF only version, visit the store.

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